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About a year ago I wrote an article covering Campbell County Economic Development Corporation. The following is an update of the organization’s recent developments.

I met Andrew Van Kuren, Coordinator for the Campbell County Economic Development Organization on a cold blustery day this past February 2018. We met in Herreid and then he drove us over to Mound City for lunch at The Safe House. While eating it gave Andrew and I a chance to talk about past, current and future projects for the Economic Development Organization (EDO).

Karl DeiBert Park & Pollock Recreation Area Park

Over $100,000 was raised through grants, donations and fund raisers. This money will be used to upgrade the Karl DeiBert Park in Herreid. The money for the picnic tables and benches, about $21,000, was raised in less than a week with about 1/3 of the money coming in from out of town and 2/3 coming from people living in Herreid.

The Pollock Recreation Area Park trail system will be receiving some improvements. There is a multi-phase project to enhance the trails, within this park. The work will be completed by the South Dakota National Guard.

Empty lot at Karl DeiBert Park

Picnic shelter at Karl DeiBert Park
Above: Karl DeiBert Park will receive upgrades during the summer of 2018.

Herreid Housing Project

Housing is the gift that keeps giving in a small rural community and through their housing program the EDO was able to fill the houses that were available. They built a couple of new homes and have filled them and have additional land available to expand housing units within Herreid. This housing project has brought in 30 new residents.

Mobile home with small garage

Two-story housing unit
Above: Two of the housing units both occupied.

Empty lot for sale
Above: One of the lots for sale.

Pollock Cell Tower

To get this poject started the EDO tested to see if there was interest by having a pilot petition program via Facebook; they received 50 responses. With that type of positive response from the pilot program the EDO moved the project forward. The final total positive responses to this project was 1,575 concerned citizens that would support the building of a cell tower. There was some external influence from Senator Thune’s office to help the project along. The great thing about having the new cell tower is that it has already potentially saved a life. A person had driven out on to Lake Pocasse and broke thru the ice with their vehicle, because of the cell tower this person was able to call for help and be rescued. The cell tower is a big win for the Community of Pollock and County EDO Board.

Tourism Initiative

Andrew reviewed some information that the State Tourism Office sent and saw that the county was gaining in tourism revenue. He informed his board and they gave him the go ahead to start a tourism initiative. The Campbell County EDO will be focusing on camping, hunting and fishing. They will do this through the creation of a web page and use of social media, such as, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Campbell County has five County Commissioners that Andrew keeps apprised of the County’s EDO activities. He meets and works with a five member board to set the strategic direction for the organization.

Local business: Ategra

Local business: Pinnacle
Above: A couple of new businesses located in Herreid.

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