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Amy Dalrymple of the Bismarck Tribune wrote an article about the proposed Elk Creek Pipeline. Below is a summary of her article 900-mile natural gas liquids pipeline proposed for Bakken.

The proposed 900-mile Elk Creek Pipeline will have the capacity to transport up to 240,000 barrels per day from a terminal near Sidney, Montana to Bushton, Kansas. The $1.2 billion natural gas liquids pipeline does not cross North Dakota, instead it will connect to existing pipelines in northwest North Dakota. If the Elk Creek Pipeline receives approval it should be completed by the end of 2019.

Possible Impact

Currently North Dakota produces over 400,000 barrels of natural gas liquids per day, however, because of insufficient pipeline capacity 40,000 to 60,000 barrels a day are shipped by rail. North Dakota’s natural gas liquids production is supposed to double by 2030 to between 800,000 and 1 million barrels per day. The Elk Creek Pipeline could be expanded to handle 400,000 barrels per day if more pump facilities are built.

Proposed Route

The proposed route for the Elk Creek Pipeline will cross Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas and will also transport natural gas liquids from the Rocky Mountain region. This pipeline would transport Y-grade natural gas liquids to existing Oneok facilities in Kansas. The North Dakota oil industry is looking to attract additional investments in their natural gas infrastructure to reduce flaring. More than 320 million cubic feet per day of natural gas was flared in October of 2017. Increasing pipeline capacity for natural gas liquids helps to reduce flaring by providing cost-effective and efficient transportation.

Reference: Dalrymple, A. Bismarck Tribune. 900-mile natural gas liquids pipeline proposed for Bakken.

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