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Naveena Sadasivam of Inside Climate News wrote an article on how moving to clean energy would create enough jobs to offset the loss of fossil fuel jobs by 2050. Below is a summary of this article; Economy would gain two million new jobs in low-carbon transition, study says, November 18, 2015.

Clean Energy Study

A recent study sponsored by a nonprofit that advocates clean energy, reports that retooling the U.S. Energy industry to reduce the reliance on carbon-based fuels may result in a gain of 2 million jobs by 2050. The Virginia based consulting firm ICF International’s study shows that large-scale shifts to renewable sources for generating electricity would increase U.S. employment by 1 million jobs by 2030 and 2 million by 2050. The same report shows that the transition to clean energy would also provide $300 - $650 in additional disposable income per household annually.

Economic Considerations

Reducing the U.S. economy’s use of carbon fuels will require massive infrastructure investments in the utility and transportation industries. The majority of the 2 million jobs would be in the construction, utility and manufacturing industries. The utility industry will see the biggest increase in jobs due to the shift to cleaner energy sources.

The study looked at only the economic benefits from shifting to green energy and did not consider the public health and environmental results of not using fossil fuels. There are plenty of unknowns which could create variations in the number of jobs and total economic benefits.

Reference: Sadasivam N. (2015, November, 18) Economy Would Gain Two Million New Jobs in Low-Carbon Transition, Study Says. Inside Climate News.

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