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Growing Leaders SD is a one day leadership development workshop that focuses on building your individual leadership and learning how to apply those skills in group settings.

Leadership matters! Effective leadership helps our nation through times of peril. It makes a business organization successful. It enables a not-for-profit organization to fulfill its mission. It allows our communities to thrive.

Do you want to be a leader? Or, if you’re already a leader, do you want to improve your leadership skills? Do you want to affect what other people do—to help them accomplish important goals? Do you want to point the way in your organization – or in your community? Do you want to climb the promotion ladder to positions of higher authority and greater pay? Leadership can make these things possible.

Sample Schedule

8:00am–8:30am Registration
8:30am–8:45am Welcome
8:45am–9:45am Your Leadership Style
9:45am–10:45am Conflict Resolution
10:45am–11:45am Networking in Social & Business Settings
Noon–1:30pm Social Etiquette Lunch
1:30pm–2:30pm Running a Successful Meeting & Basics of Parliamentary Procedure
2:30pm–3:30pm Community Capitals – discover the assets in your community!
3:30pm–4:00pm Motivating Others
4:00pm–4:30pm Take Action

More Information and Resources

Request This Program from a Community Vitality Field Specialist near you:

Customized resources are also available to meet your Community Vitality Goals.

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