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The New Year brings new hope for people. If you are a leader, manager, supervisor, team coordinator, parent or spouse, you have an obligation to keep hope alive in those looking up to you.

Productivity Challenges

If you recognize the power of hope, motivation and productivity can increase in your workplace or family. In a study done by Wm. M. Mercer, Inc, results showed on-the-job-workers were generally capable of doing more work, but simply lacked the hope that their contribution was wanted or would be rewarded. Almost one-third of workers responding gave these three reasons for not doing more:

  • They weren’t involved in decision making.
  • They weren’t rewarded for good performance.
  • They saw no opportunity for advancement.

Motivating Your Workforce

If your employees or family members are not contributing fully, it doesn’t mean they are merely unmotivated. People can always be motivated. It just might take finding the right “carrot” to get people excited about their work.

Athletes are not the only ones who like to be cheered on. All of us perk up when people around us offer honest words of encouragement and praise. Think about who the fans in the stands are for people in your workplace or family, and make sure cheering is heard out loud.

Pope John Paul XXIII advised, “See everything, overlook a lot, and correct a little.” Another way to keep hope alive in others is to correct by offering one suggestion at a time, not too many at once. A person’s hope can be dashed if improvement looks insurmountable, or if the suggestions are not delivered with tact.

Hope is too important in our world not to keep it alive in your role as a leader.

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