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How many of us have spent valuable time helping our kids raise money for their organizations or school activities? From selling fruit to popcorn to chocolate, it seems like my sons were always peddling products for good causes. There are some valuable lessons to be learned in selling things, but the recent article I read by Trey Tompkins, insurance sales and education, on Linkedin got me thinking about a particularly good lesson.

Mr. Tompkins actually wanted to thank people for not buying the popcorn his young son was peddling at a local store one Saturday. His thought was sincere – he knew the lesson of being turned down in sales was a very important one to learn young in life.

No matter how good your product or service is, there are always reasons that people choose not to buy it. They may not have the money, they may have already purchased what you are selling from someone else, or they may simply not need what you are selling. Mr. Tompkins relayed this reaction from his son at the close of the sales day: selling is hard work because you have to let so many people tell you “no” before you ever get someone to tell you “yes.”

Most of us work in sales of some kind, and can relate to this young man’s perspective. You have to develop a tough skin to hear people tell you “no” so many times, but that really just makes the “yeses” you hear all the sweeter.

And for those of us feeling guilty about not buying that product from the cute young person in the lobby of the grocery store, cheer up! Your “no” response just helped to teach a possible future entrepreneur a valuable lesson.

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