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We can help communities develop successful local foods projects such as community gardens, farmers markets, or cooperative marketing. We meet with community leaders to research community needs and potential markets, gather the right people to do the work, and develop strategies to create sustainable projects that provide fresh, local food to your area.

Female chef in kitchen with fresh vegetables.

Key components:

  • “Diggin’ in the Dirt” community garden guidance
  • “Food to Market” food entrepreneur training and business planning
  • “Farmers Market Organization” workshop
  • “Food Hub Development” assistance in forming cooperative producer agreements

Older woman working with plants in a greenhouse.

“Thanks for your dogged commitment to the food hub effort, your hard work and forethought, and friendliness and good humor as we work through the bumps of organizing.”
– Kim Brannen, SD Specialty Producers Association

“Kari is passionate about helping people and groups reach their goals and potential. She is extremely organized and willing to go the extra mile. She’s gotten us off the ground and has continued to help me and the group keep focused, stay on task, and move forward. We could not have done it without her.”
– Mary Storo, Dakota Fresh President

If you have questions about this article contact Kari O’Neill (SDSU Extension Community Vitality Field Specialist) in Martin, SD at 605.685.6972.

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