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Written collaboratively by SDSU Extension Community Vitality Field Specialists.

Marketing Hometown America empowers communities to create a vision to grow. Designed as a tool to create dialogue that moves toward action, it can be the spark to help a rural community look at itself in a new way.

Marketing Hometown America was pilot tested and in seven communities. When asked to explain what happened the following impacts were highlighted:

Marketing Actions

  • Entrance signs were created or renovated.
  • Videos were produced showcasing the community.

Amenity Improvements

  • Downtown murals were painted.
  • Lots cleared.

Adult and Youth Engagement

  • Expanded recruitment of new professionals.
  • Youth planned and implemented a scavenger hunt via traditional and GPS methods for youth.

Leadership Development

  • New people stepped up to mobilize, play a role and even lead the Marketing Hometown America process.


  • New connections were made with Federal agencies, tourism boards, Chambers of Commerce, economic development groups, University Extension, schools and other higher education institutions.

Civic Awareness and Community Spirit

  • People noted a heightened sense of urgency and began to question the “status quo”.
  • A “can do” perspective was strengthened.

Your community may already be working on attracting new residents. But to grow, more people need to be part of that effort. Marketing Hometown America engages communities through small groups called Study Circles to get more people involved and more voices heard.

Community Benefits

  • Use positive conversations to begin or expand community marketing;
  • Create a welcoming spirit needed to attract new residents;
  • Learn what new residents are looking for as they relocate to a rural community;
  • Discover often overlooked local assets that attract potential new residents;
  • Build and implement a marketing action plan.

South Dakota Communities In Action

  • Faith
  • Hot Springs
  • Wessington Springs
  • Mt. Vernon

See more information about Marketing Hometown America through an online Z-Mag.

Requesting the Program

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