Oil & Gas Leases Filed in Counties Along North Dakota and South Dakota Border Back »

The information in this article is paraphrased from the August 4, 2014 Dakota Herald, Lemmon South Dakota.

Osceola Operating, Inc. has filed for oil and gas leases in both Sioux County ND and Corson County SD. The company is planning future oil and gas exploration in the Three Forks, Lodgepole and Red River Formations.

The leases came from a coalition of land owners with over 200,000 mineral acres in Grant, Morton and Sioux Counties in ND and Corson and Perkins Counties SD. The coalition is in a contract with an oil and gas management company that represents their mineral interests.

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  • (2014 August 4). Oil & Gas Leases Filed in Sioux & Corson Counties in North & South Dakota. Dakota Herald, pp. 13.
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