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"Small Business Beginnings" class participants working in groups during their board meetings.

Small Business Beginnings
Class Held in Wagner/Lake Andes

The SDSU Extension Community Vitality Team recently held a series of five Small Business Beginnings classes in Wagner/Lake Andes.

Small Business Beginnings is a workshop series designed to help entrepreneurs and existing business owners create or update their business and marketing plan. This workshop series is typically 5- 6 sessions long, depending on the needs of the community or organization.

Topics covered include: Entrepreneurship – Planning for Success, Types of Business Structures, Business Planning, Introduction to Feasibility & Market Analysis, Marketing, Sales/Use/Excise Tax & Licensing, Personality Types, Personnel, Customer Service, Financial Statements, and Financing Options.

Participants heard from a variety of entrepreneurs during an “Entrepreneur Spotlight” at the beginning of each session and they also participated in Board Meetings where they got ideas from other class participants.

Guest speakers were used to connect participants with available resources in South Dakota. Speakers came from a Small Business Development Center, the SD Dept. of Labor, the SD Dept. of Revenue, the SD Dept. of Ag, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, a local law office, a local accounting firm, and a local bank.

For more information about Small Business Beginnings with SDSU Extension, contact Peggy Schlechter 605.394.1722

Participants during the 4th "Small Business Beginnings" session.

Hot Springs City Council
Development Seminar

Five Hot Springs City Council members and the City’s Finance Officer, attended a City Council Development Seminar led by SDSU Extension Community Vitality in October. The half day seminar was spent learning and discussing items such as: Personality/Occupation/Interests, Key rules of Parliamentary Procedure, Principles of Good Governance, Accountability & Organizational Responsibilities and Building a Sense of Community, through interactive activities and research-based data.

For more information about City Council Development Seminars, contact
Paul Thares 605.374.4177

Hot Springs City Finance Officer and City Council members.

Hot Springs City Departments
Leadership Training

Over twenty Hot Springs department heads and city officials, including the mayor and Chamber Executive, attended a leadership training led by SDSU Extension Community Vitality in November. The first part of the morning was spent learning and discussing differences between cultures and generations, through interactive activities and research-based data. In the second session, participants learned what motivates their team, and ways to build a great team based on the information they discovered throughout the morning.

SDSU Extension Community Vitality can offer leadership topic training sessions for a variety of organizations and can custom fit presentations to your time frame. Contact Kari O’Neill  605.685.6972 for more information.

SDSU Extension Strategic Planning Process
Assisting Organizations like the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce

SDSU Extension uses the Appreciative Inquiry approach as we assist organizations and communities with strategic planning. Our 1-day session, recently used by the Yankton Chamber of Commerce, allows groups to find their strengths, and then to build on those strengths for future growth. As participants reflect on what has gone well in the past, they can vision about possibilities for the next 1-3 years that eventually turn into action ideas for the future.

For more information about strategic planning with SDSU Extension, contact Kari O’Neill 605.685.6972.

SDSU Extension Community Vitality Team

The SDSU Extension Community Vitality Team can offer any of the above mentioned programs among others. They can custom fit presentations to your needs and time frame. For more information about what type of programs and/or tools the SDSU Community Vitality Team can offer you or your community contact:

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