Volunteering Is Important to Younger Generations Back »

Recently, Connie Bass of the Associated Press wrote about the findings of an Associated Press-GfK poll on civic engagement. You can find the full article here titled 5 Things About Americans' Slipping Sense of Duty.

Bass focuses on the aspects of the poll that shows the decline in civic duty. She uses examples of voting, serving on a jury, reporting a crime and an obligation of staying informed.

The silver-lining in her report is that younger people are more likely to see the importance of volunteering. This is the way to turn the tide in the generational decline of civic duty; the older generational must invite younger generations to find ways to fulfil civic necessities.

Younger generations are not loyal to institutions, but through civic engagement by volunteering they can innovate ways to fulfil the civic duties important for civil society.  It can start by finding ways to engage younger generations through volunteerism. 

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