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SDSU Extension Community Vitality offers individuals and communities a variety of opportunities to build and strengthen their leadership skills. We can work with any type of group, and will come right to your area. Topics we cover might include: organization, communication, understanding group dynamics, identifying assets, making meeting work, empowering others and problem solving.

As individuals gain new and improved leadership skills they are able to use these tools to help improve their organizations and their community. All communities need both youth and adult leaders willing to step up to the plate and create a place where pride and service are the norm.

Developed Programs

Youth Focused

The goal of our youth programs is to build intergenerational relationships between community leaders and young people that promote youth involvement in their communities. Our target audience is youth grades 7 -12.

Short term programs last 1 hour or less and can be used with any size group.

  1. How Does My Community Work? Fun, interactive workshop introducing youth to the concept of Community Capitals. Identifying assets in their area and how teamwork is important to the success of their community are key activities.
  2. Volunteer Power. Social Capital is built by engaging volunteers. In this workshop young people identify motivations of people who volunteer, create a volunteer job description, and look at strategies for recruiting volunteers.

Longer term programs include training with coaching follow-up to a team that is built during the training.

  1. Job Shadowing. Step-by-step instructions and coaching on building a shadow program in your school/community. This process allows students to get a real-life look at a workday in a career they are interested in following. A guidebook is included.
  2. Youth Facilitation Skills. Leading structured discussion about important public issues is critical to encouraging a democratic society. This interactive training will bring out the skills needed to facilitate groups and offers practice time for digging into that process.
  3. Youth Voices in Communities. This 3-hour workshop is designed to prepare a team of youth and adults to take on community issues or projects together. Coaching is available as projects are planned and carried out.

Adult Focused

The goal of our adult leadership programs is to prepare or strengthen skills in community residents for future appointed or elected leadership skills. We can work with organizations, casual groups, or those in current leadership roles to hone those skills.

1-day trainings can be customized to include particular skills your group needs.

  1. Facilitation Training. Similar to the youth training, this workshop will prepare adults to lead discussion around important issues. Work on particular skills such as listening, bringing out opinions, clarifying, and prioritizing will be practiced. Practice time is also included.
  2. Growing Leaders SD. This workshop focuses on building individual leadership skills and applying them in groups. Topics include leadership styles, conflict management, networking, leading productive meetings, and motivating others.
  3. Appreciative Inquiry Training. Looking for what is working in organizations or communities is critical to beginning to analyze possibilities. This process will teach the skills needed to describe where you want to be based on where you have been. This practical approach is simple and can be used in many group situations.
  4. Compass Personality Training. This fun workshop will help you find the varied types of people in your organization based on a directional (North, East, South West) approach. Knowing each other’s preferred style will help you work together better at work or as volunteers.

Request a Program Today!

Request any of these programs from a Community Vitality Field Specialist.

Testimonials from past participants:

  • “I feel ready to start and comfortable in what I’m asked to do.” “Exceeded expectations – provided practical application.” Participant in facilitation training, 2013
  • “This workshop hit it right on the nail for me. Every presentation was something I needed assistance with.” Growing Leaders SD workshop participant
  • “Tons of great info and materials and activities to take back to our groups/committees that we are part of.” Growing Leaders SD workshop participant
  • “It was so much better than I had anticipated. The practice time was a real eye-opener to just how difficult this can be.” Participant in facilitation training, 2013

More Information and Resources

Customized resources are also available to meet your Community Vitality Goals.

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