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Written by the South Dakota Department of Health with contributions and review by:

  • Clark Hepper, Former Director, Office of Health Protection, SDDOH
  • Mike Fillaus, Senior Health Facilities Surveyor, Office of Health Protection, SDDOH
  • Stephanie Trask, Community Organizer, DRA
  • Holly Tilton Byrne, Community Organizer, DRA
  • Joan Hegerfeld-Baker, former SDSU Extension Food Safety Specialist

Fresh, whole raw fruits and vegetables grown in South Dakota can currently be sold without any regulatory requirements. However, once a raw fruit or vegetable is processed, South Dakota law requires that certain regula¬tions must be followed in order to ensure the safety of the product.

During the 2010 legislative session, South Dakota lawmakers passed the “Home-Processed Foods Law,” which exempted some home-processed foods sold at farmers markets, roadside stands, and similar venues from some of these licensure requirements. Some products meeting these requirements include acid foods (jams, fruit syrups) and acidified foods (pickled vegetables, salsas).

This law specifically lifts the requirements that food processing be conducted in a state-licensed (and inspected) facility or “commercial kitchen,” as long as the food is sold at a farmers market, roadside stand, or similar venue. However, as part of this new law, specific alternative requirements must still be met to ensure food safety.

Reference South Dakota Requirements for the Sale of Home-Canned Processed Foods at Farmers Markets for the complete listing of requirements of the exemption as they pertain to the sale of home-canned processed foods.

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