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Kale & Marigolds growing in the First Premier Bank Community Garden in Sioux Falls. Photo by Chris Zdorovtsov.

Written by Chris Zdorovtsov (Former SDSU Extension Community Vitality Field Specialist).

Resources for growing at your school or community garden should be shared with participants, especially those new to the process. Garden educators may be excited about using the garden as a teaching tool, but may have limited horticultural backgrounds. Often new community gardeners will become discouraged and will quit during the season or not renew their plot the following season if they are unsuccessful. The resources recommended below will help these gardeners be more successful with their plots.

iGrow Gardens

This site is full of articles relevant to the calendar year. It provides information on topics from plant selection and growing to current pest and disease issues. These articles are written by SDSU Extension professionals and partners to relay science-based information to the public.

iGrow Gardens Resource Library

How to Garden:



SDSU Extension Experts

  • iGrow and Ask-an-Expert: Submit your question at any time. An Extension horticulture professional or a Master Gardener will reply to the question, in most cases, within 48 hours. An email alert is sent to you, with a link to the personalized answer.
  • Mailing Samples to SDSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic: The clinic accepts physical samples of plants or insects for a fee. Free Fed Ex shipping from a county office or regional center is available for clients who want to send a sample to the Plant Diagnostic Clinic in Brookings. Clients will be charged only for the lab costs of the diagnosis. Digital photos can also be submitted to the clinic for free by email.
  • Master Gardeners: Master Gardeners across the state help offer advice and answer questions about specific garden issues. If asked, some will also offer gardening classes on flower, fruit or vegetable topics and more. For more information on the Master Gardener program or to connect to a local Master Gardener, contact David Graper at 605.688.6253.
  • SDSU Extension Master Gardener Hotline
    During the growing season call and ask your question directly to area Master Gardeners.
    • Aberdeen region: 605.626.2870
    • Rapid City region: 605.394.6814
    • Sioux Falls region: 605.782.3298
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