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Written by Joan Hegerfeld-Baker (former SDSU Extension Food Safety Specialist).

Licensed kitchens are required if preparing and/or serving food at the farmers market that must be temperature controlled for safety. These types of foods are also referred to as potentially hazardous foods. They have been implicated in food borne illness out breaks, and support the growth of foodborne pathogens. Examples would include items such as chicken pot pies, cream pies, cooked and prepared food items such as a beef or chicken, fresh apple cider, fresh cut fruits and vegetables and more. In some instances a temporary license is all that is needed, refer to the iGrow article Temporary Food Stands at the Farmers Market.

The South Dakota Department of Health, Office of Health Protection serves as the regulatory body enforcing the South Dakota Foodservice Code. In the city of Sioux Falls, the Sioux Falls Department of Health is the regulatory authority for all foodservice types of establishments. In tribal areas or reservations in South Dakota, the Indian Health Service Bureau of Indian Affairs may have jurisdiction over foodservice establishments.

The South Dakota Department of Health, Office of Health Protection provides a complete food service licensure packet. The packet includes the SD Food Service code, license applications; plan review questionnaire, sample kitchen layouts and other fact sheets.

Contact Information: Licensed Kitchens


South Dakota Department of Health
Office of Health Protection


Sioux Falls Department of Health
Public Health –Licensure/Permits/Registration



Native American Lands

If operating on land that is within the jurisdiction of Native American lands contact the official Tribal Office. A link to all Sioux Tribes in South Dakota is located at the Travel South Dakota website.

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