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Written collaboratively by Sierra Blachford, Joan Hegerfeld-Baker (former SDSU Extension Food Safety Specialist), B. Lynn Gordon (former SDSU Extension Agricultural Leadership Specialist), Chris Zdorovtsov (former SDSU Extension Community Vitality Field Specialist), Keith Underwood, Heidi Carroll, Rory Fischer (DVM, SDAIB) and Dustin Oedekoven (DVM, State Veterinarian SDAIB).

Producers selling meat from their farm at a farmers market or other venue need to be in compliance with a number of state and federal regulations. The Federal Meat Inspection Act regulates meat processing in the US and compliance is conducted by the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS). The South Dakota Animal Industry Board (SDAIB) has authority over red meat produced and sold within the state. The following is relevant to meats including, but not limited to, cattle, bison, goat, sheep, swine, ratites (emu/ostrich) and captive cervidae (deer, reindeer, elk, antelope) and their meat food products. For meat guidelines and contact information refer to the SDSU iGrow publication Regulatory Requirements for Selling Meat at Farmers Markets.

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