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Written collaboratively by Christina Zdorovtsov (Former SDSU Extension Community Vitality Field Specialist) and Robert Weyrich, South Dakota Department of Agriculture.

Within South Dakota there are multiple departments and agencies to assist you with fulfilling required business and food safety regulations as a producer:

South Dakota Agencies

South Dakota Department of Agriculture
Division of Agricultural Services

605.773.3724   Website
  •   Nursery
  •   Seed Selling
  •   Bee Keeping
  •   Pesticide Application
  •   Dairy & Dairy Products
  •   Eggs

South Dakota Animal Industry Board

605.773.3321   Website
  • Slaughter
  • Processing
  • Selling of Meat
  • Regulations vary for the target market and product types.

South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources

605.773.3151   Website
  • Contact if you need to Appropriate Water, Have Wastes, or Emit Air Contaminants
  • Permit Usage of Surface or Ground Water for Irrigation

South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, & Parks

605.773.5527   Website
  • Game Birds
  • Fish Hatchery

South Dakota Department of Health

605.773.3364   Website
  • Licensed Kitchens
  • Food Establishment Inspections
  • On-site Sales of Food Products: (Campgrounds, Bed & Breakfasts, Specialty Resorts)
  • Temporary Food Stands

South Dakota Department of Labor

605.626.2452   Website
  • Employee Information

South Dakota Department of Public Safety
Division of Inspection & Licensing - Weights & Measures

605.773.3697   Website
  • Scale Certification
  • Labeling and Packaging

     *Scales must be checked and certified every two years.

South Dakota Department of Revenue
Sales Tax Licenses

800.829.9188   Website   Email
  • Sales Tax Licenses
  • Internet Sales
  • Use Tax
  • Farm Winery Licenses
  • Excite Tax on Alcohol

South Dakota Secretary of State

605.773.3537   Website
  • Business Entity Documents
  • Brand Name Protection Via Trademarks Only at the State Level

Other Agencies


United States Patent and Trademark Office

800.786.9199   Website
  • Registration of Federal Patents, Trademark and Service Marks.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

612.334.4100 X 129 (Minneapolis)
  • Information about food products
  • Any nutritional claims, testing
  • Compliance with the Nutrition Labeling Act
  • Any food sold out of state will come under FDA guidelines

Uniform Code Council
8163 Old Yankey Road, Dayton OH 45458

937.435.3870 (Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST)   Website
  • Produces UPC Codes for Products

Food Processing Center
University of Nebraska at Lincoln

402.472.2832   Website

  • Fee-based Technical Assistance for Recipe-to-small Box Production

Reference: Weyrich, Robert (2008). State Regulatory Information. Retrieved June 14, 2013.

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