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Lost Lady Bug project at Lowell Elementary’ s garden.

Written by Chris Zdorovtsov, former SDSU Extension Community Vitality Field Specialist.

Interested in starting a school garden to utilize with your students for hands-on learning. SDSU Extension is pleased to offer staff to help coach teams as they establish a school garden.

In addition we offer curriculum assistance, access to our seed bank and mini-grants, webinars, and other face-to-face educational trainings. For more information contact visit the SDSU Extension Garden-Based Education website.

Start-up Guides

Integrated Curriculum Plans

Often schools starting projects indicate they would prefer to incorporate current classroom lessons and curriculum into their program verses finding a new curriculum. If this is of interest we can help by working with your team to put together a master plan that defines garden crops and planting schedules, classroom maintenance responsibilities, and a garden-based learning plan. Teachers provide insight as to what grades and lessons they would like incorporated into the garden plan. This Sioux Falls School Garden Plan provides an example that can be personalized for other schools.


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