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The South Dakota Department of Agriculture has housed a “Sensitive Site Registry” on their website for a few years now. The registry is set up so producers can map out the plots where they do not want any spray or spray drift to reach their plants. It is a tool that can be useful to prevent harmful effects from drift during pesticide or fertilizer applications.

Although the site has been live for a few years now, useage has been fairly low. Tom Gere, SDDA agronomy services manager, says, “The registry allows producers of crops such as vineyards and organic production areas to enter their contact information, field data and crops grown. Applicators can register their service areas as well; this allows the applicator to be informed via email about whatever new or old sensitive sites are in the service area.”

Registry of gardens that are a half-acre in size or larger are allowed on the sites this year, due to the higher drift incidence of pesticides on gardens. The site is not intended for homeowners.


To register as a producer of sensitive crops or livestock, visit the SDDA Sensitive Site Registry website. Select the “producer” button. An instructional video is available on the site for assistance.

To register as an applicator, select the “applicator” button, watch the video and enter the service area you cover. You can then download a GPS file with the outline of all sensitive sites in your service area, if it is compatible with the GPX format.

Both producers and applicators in South Dakota care deeply about agriculture. This site lends assistance to both groups to help each other out when raising food for human consumption.

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