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Falls Park Farmers Market. Photo By Chris Zdorovtsov

Written collaboratively by Sierra Blachford, Joan-Hegerfeld Baker (former SDSU Extension Food Safety Specialist), Rhoda Burrows, and Chris Zdorovtsov (Former SDSU Extension Community Vitality Field Specialist).

What is a farmers market?

Farmers markets are typically a building, structure or place used by two or more vendors assembled together on select days of the week to sell products directly to consumers. The market not only provides a sales outlet for farmers, but can help strengthen a community by stimulating the local economy and creating local entrepreneurial opportunities. Markets can promote food quality by reducing the distance that food travels from farm to consumer. When shipping is less of a concern, produce can be picked when it is full of flavor and tender, then quickly put into the hands of consumers seeking fresh products

Starting a Market

SDSU Extension provides guidance to communities on establishing a Farmers Market including information on establishment steps, regulatory agencies, by-laws and promotion.

South Dakota Farmers Market Online Guidebook

This online guidebook was created by SDSU Extension to assist new and developing markets in the state. Content includes information on founding a market, developing vision and mission statements, drafting official documents for the market (Rules, bylaws), setting up for business, risk management, promotion, electronic purchases and SNAP, food safety, food regulations, and strategies for success.  

For a complete printed version of this guide, please visit the iGrow Store.


Five Steps for Founding a New Farmers Market

Vision & Mission Statements for Farmers Markets

Drafting Market Documents

Decisions for Farmers Market Setup and Operation



Risk Management for Farmers Markets

Promotion Opportunities for Farmers Markets

Accepting Electronic Purchases and SNAP at the Farmers Market

Food Safety from Production to the Farmers Market

Food and Product Regulations for the Farmers Market

Non-Refrigerated Foods

Temperature-Controlled Foods

Types of Foodservice Licenses

Pet Treats & Live Animals

Other Regulations

Tips for Vendor Success at the Farmers Market

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