Better Choices, Better Health Diabetes Lay Leader Cross Training @ Rapid City

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: Apr 27th

SDSU Extension will host a Better Choices, Better Health® diabetes self-management program (DSMP) lay leader cross-training on April 27, 2018 at 8 AM MDT at the SDSU Extension Regional Center (711 N. Creek Drive, Rapid City, SD 57703).

Better Choices, Better Health® SD (BCBH) with Diabetes is a diabetes self-management program designed to help adults with pre-diabetes or type-2 diabetes gain confidence and learn skills to better manage their own health, stay active and take charge! Participants in the BCBH diabetes self-management program lay leader cross-training will learn the skills required to be a certified DSMP lay leader. 

  • Enhance your health and the health of your community as you share the gift of self-management with others.
  • No previous teaching or healthcare experience is necessary, but you must first complete the four-day chronic disease self-management training and be current in your certification before taking the one-day DSMP cross-training.
  • After completing the one-day cross-training you will be asked to co-lead one or two six-week DSMP workshops each year for a minimum of two years.
  • Registration is free. All materials, handouts and supplies are included, along with lunch/refreshments during your training.

Online Registration

Register online using the form below by April 23, 2018. For more information, contact Megan Jacobson, SDSU Extension Nutrition Field Specialist.