Better Choices, Better Health

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: Jan 24th

The South Dakota Department of Health and SDSU Extension are launching Better Choices, Better Health® SD (BCBH) starting at various locations across the state in an effort to teach South Dakotans with chronic health conditions ways to manage the impact of their disease on their life. BCBH is a chronic disease self-management program developed over 20+ years through federally-funded grants. Studies have shown self-management programs like BCBH meet the needs of those with a variety of diseases. The benefits are seen among a variety of socioeconomic and educational groups, and include: decreased healthcare utilization and the ability to better maintain health and behavioral improvements.

Register online using the form below or for more information contact Megan Jacobson, SDSU Extension Nutrition Field Specialist and Better Choices, Better Health Program Associate at 1.888.484.3800 or by email.


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Better Choices, Better Health with Diabetes 

Support Chronic Disease Education

The BCBH program has helped equip more than 200 South Dakotan's with tools to manage chronic disease. This program is partially grant-funded and is only possible through the support of sponsors and volunteers. Use the form below to support continued educational outreach that will result in improved quality of life and decreased need for health care services. 

Quotes from participants

"As someone who has lived with chronic illness for more than 40 years, the tools I learned in the workshop took me form surviving to thriving!”

“This program has given me the confidence that I can have a future worth living. I have learned there are people like me, not living life to the fullest because of a chronic condition and that we can move forward. Great people teaching us to live again.”​

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