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Grape Production

Quality wine grapes can be grown in South Dakota with careful attention to growing site, cultivar selection and production techniques. Following are links to selected information available from South Dakota State University and other sources that will help you in deciding whether grape growing is for you, and to grow quality fruit.

Please note: Some of these sites may mention cultivars that are not suitable for South Dakota.       

Economic Feasibility of Vineyards & Wineries,
Cost Estimates for Grape Production


Starting a Vineyard

Canopy Management

  • Northern Grapes Canopy Management Webinars
    Scroll down the page for a variety of different talks on managing your vines for optimal quality and yield of today’s cold-hardy cultivars.
  • Vine Balance
    How to know how much fruit to leave on, or how much vine to prune off.

Pruning Videos 

Vineyard Nutrient Management in Northern Climates

Vineyard Problems

South Dakota Winery Law

Other Useful Websites

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