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South Dakota Master Gardener Association

The South Dakota Master Gardener (SDMG) Association is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide assistance to SDSU Extension in carrying out their basic mission to disseminate research-based information on ornamental horticulture and gardening to the general public by coordinating the activities of its member Master Gardeners in fulfilling their obligated hours of assistance to SDSU Extension

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Master Gardeners Work to Enhance Lifelight Festival Grounds

The LifeLight Festival Grounds Garden near Worthing, S.D. is starting its third year as a Master Gardener Project. Many individual gardens surround a pond. It is a very beautiful and tranquil place. Not only is it beautiful during the festival on Labor Day weekend but during the summer for company and club picnics. The gardens have also been used as backdrops for senior pictures, baptisms, club meetings and tours. This is the first year to be on the Minnehaha Master Gardener Tour of Gardens. We received the largest SD Master Gardener grant last year.

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Record Number of Grant Requests for Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund committee met in April with all members present. In 2015, we received a record number of applications, with the total funds requested far exceeding the amount we were able to spend. This year, there were 14 grant requests, with a total requested amount of $9068.04. Last year, there were 8 grant requests, with a total requested amount of $2551.19. The Endowment Fund Committee completed due diligence in evaluating all 2015 applications.

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