Master Gardeners Work to Enhance Lifelight Festival Grounds Back »

Area Master Gardeners and volunteers at the Lifelight Festival grounds.

Written collaboratively by David Graper and Marlene Ohnstad.             

The LifeLight Festival Grounds Garden near Worthing, S.D. is starting its third year as a Master Gardener Project. Many individual gardens surround a pond. It is a very beautiful and tranquil place. Not only is it beautiful during the festival on Labor Day weekend but during the summer for company and club picnics. The gardens have also been used as backdrops for senior pictures, baptisms, club meetings and tours. This is the first year to be on the Minnehaha Master Gardener Tour of Gardens. We received the largest SD Master Gardener grant last year. Many trees, native shrubs, native plants and wildflower seeds were purchased. Club members and the public helped to fill in the large area that surrounds the giant pond with divisions of plants from their own gardens. The fountain in the center of the pond was made from the old sidewalk in Canton SD.

It is our goal to educate the public about native South Dakota plants and the importance of our pollinators. With a large working farm nearby, it is a great opportunity for many to witness what South Dakota is really about. Master Gardener got together on Saturday May 30 to groom the beds and had a pot luck when finished.

Area Master Gardeners worked to add more plants and improve the grounds.

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