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Written collaboratively by David Graper and Arlene Brandt-Jensen.

The Endowment Fund committee met in April with all members present. In 2015, we received a record number of applications, with the total funds requested far exceeding the amount we were able to spend. This year, there were 14 grant requests, with a total requested amount of $9068.04. Last year, there were 8 grant requests, with a total requested amount of $2551.19. The Endowment Fund Committee completed due diligence in evaluating all 2015 applications. Comprehensive discussion resulted in funding 3 Project Grants for a total of $1000, and 4 Professional Improvement Grants for a total of $1500.

The committee struggled with several applications to attend the IMGC in Council Bluffs. We feel that attendees will come back with a lot of information and the committee is expecting the attendees to share their new knowledge in all venues possible. Since the IMGC will be held after the 2015 state update in Pierre, we are asking the attendees to give a brief presentation during the Friday night grant presentations at the 2016 state update in Spearfish. We are also asking that the IMGC attendees who received SDMG grant funds give a breakout session at the 2016 state update in Spearfish. This will be a collaborative effort among the SD MGs who attend.

Evaluation Criteria

Before discussing the projects, the committee members discussed and agreed on evaluation criteria to rank the applications.

  • Broad educational impact
  • Cost effectiveness – bang for the buck
  • # of Partners involved – financial, in-kind
  • # People involved/diversity of groups reached with education
  • Quality of application
  • Long term impact
  • Involvement of MGs
  • Visibility of project/publicity potential
  • Likelihood of success/viability of project
  • (Preference will be given to new applications from an individual, vs. repeat applications)

On Fri. night, Sept. 11, 2015, at the State Update in Pierre, Arlene Brandt-Jenson and Donna Denke will present these criteria to the meeting attendees so future grant applicants can improve their chances of success and funding. The criteria will be a part of the grant application for 2016. Committee members regretted not being able to fund many worthy projects this year and are appreciative of all the time and effort that goes into a grant application. We wish continued success in all efforts of the grant applicants, whether funded or not.

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