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Watertown class of Master Gardener Interns – entomology training.

SDSU Extension Master Gardener training classes are now being formed. In order to become a Master Gardener, you must first attend an introductory half-day session, then complete a series of online classes as well as four hands-on sessions. Since 2013, the majority of Master Gardener training is offered online so you can get the training in the comfort of your own home or some other location where you have access to a computer, to complete the various modules of the training. The first modules will be available starting the end of April.

Training Details

The hands-on training sites for 2016 are Brookings, Sioux Falls, Aberdeen and Rapid City. The location for those sites was based largely on local interest in those areas of the state. We plan on utilizing the DDN systems, located in at least two of these sites, to broadcast the hands-on sessions to the other SDSU Extension Regional Centers so that people that do not live close to one of the four sites this year can still participate. These four, day-long, hands-on sessions give trainees the opportunity to learn skills such as planting, pruning, plant propagation, along with plant and pest identification by seeing and doing. These are held in each of the training sites. Participants may choose from each of the locations for their hands-on training. There will also be an initial half-day session for participants to get registered, get acquainted, pick up their training manual and learn the log-in procedure to access the online training. You will need access to a computer and have an email address to access the online training modules. More information will be forwarded to participants as we get closer to the beginning of training.

A vegetable judging class conducted by Master Gardeners. Master Gardener tomato salsa class. Carmelita Sully explaining the types of peppers she grows at the greenhouse and the heat scoville scale.

About Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners work in their community to promote and teach gardening. Opportunities include writing articles, giving talks, working at fair booths, helping in community and school gardens, teaching and answering garden questions. The training gives a well-rounded education preparing them to help their communities. Currently there are about 800 active Master Gardeners and interns across the state, many of which are also active in one or more of the 19 area groups of Master Gardeners. In 2015 the SDSU Extension Master Gardeners contributed more than 13,000 hours of volunteer service, worth over $246,000 to South Dakota individuals, families and communities.

Area Master Gardeners worked to add more plants and improve the Lifelight Grounds Garden.

Application Information

If you are interested in participating in Master Gardener training this year, you will need to complete an application form. The application deadline will be April 30. There are two options available for training. With the standard application you will receive the training, the Resource Manual and access to the online training. After completing the training and passing a final test, you will be a Master Gardener Intern. You will be then be obligated to provide 50 hours of volunteer service back to the people of South Dakota over the next two years, to become a full-fledged Master Gardener. The cost for the standard training is $160. The second training-only option is available for individuals that want to get the training and resource manual but do not have the desire to become a Master Gardener. You receive the same training as the future Master Gardener Interns but there is no volunteer service requirement and you will not become a Master Gardener upon completion of the course. The cost of that option is $500.

Contact David Graper for additional information or if you would like to have an application form mailed to you.

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