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    Advisory Feedback for Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Programs

    The following is a compilation of feedback received from the SDSU College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences Advisory Board, specifically regarding SDSU Extension. Verbal feedback was provided at the December 17, 2014 ABS College Advisory meeting that was held concurrently via DDN technology at the Aberdeen, Mitchell, Pierre, and Rapid City Regional Extension Centers and Brookings campus location.

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    SDSU Extension’s Approach to the 2017 Drought

    Most of the Great Plains, of which Western South Dakota is part of, have always been considered a semi-arid area of the U.S. This region is characterized by hot, relatively short summers, and usually cold, dry winters.

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    Garden-based Education Program

    Communities will increase access to food and build community assets with the development of school and youth gardens. Increased access to high quality, fresh produce could help increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables in South Dakota, improving public health. Individuals will have increased opportunity to learn and practice growing their own food, reducing food costs and increasing food access. They will be provided access to fresh, flavorful and often unique products that may otherwise not have been available.

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    Backyard Biodiversity in South Dakota

    Pollinators are necessary for fruit production and seed set in many home garden and agricultural crops. The Backyard Biodiversity program uses citizen science (active involvement from everyday people) to improve awareness of pollinators, and create and conserve pollinator habitat. This community engagement provides an opportunity for increases in local pollinator population and diversity.

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