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This article was written by Mary Roduner, former SDSU Extension Consumer Horticulture Field Specialist.

Educational Goals: 

To instruct Master Gardeners and Master Gardener trainees so they are knowledgeable and able to provide advice in their communities.


There is no other program in South Dakota that teaches people to volunteer in their community by gardening and providing gardening information.

Target Audience:

Both current Master Gardeners and member of the community who want to become Master Gardeners.

Program Value:

The private value provides education to both the Master Gardeners and the community at large, allowing people to make good decisions about growing their own food and volunteering in the community. The public value is when people are taught to grow their own food and make better decisions about what they feed their families, the health of their families will improve, finances will improve and personal pride and wellbeing will increase.

Program Delivery:

Hybrid training consisting of both on-line lessons and in person hands on experience.


The main resource is the time and knowledge of the instructors.

Key Contact: 

State Master Gardener Coordinator

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