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The following videos are part of a workshop through the Today's Forest educational program series offered through a partnership of the South Dakota Division of Resource Conservation & Forestry, Nebraska Forest Service, Wyoming State Forestry and South Dakota State University.

Click play to view the videos, or access the iGrow Trees & Forests Playlist on YouTube for a complete collection of Today's Forest videos.

Streamside Management Zone

Featuring John Ball, SDSU Extension Forestry Specialist

Maintaining water quality is important during forestry operations. This can be achieved by maintaining a Streamside Management Zone (SMZ) and through proper road crossing design.
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Water Bars

Featuring John Ball, SDSU Extension Forestry Specialist

Water bars prevent erosion along skid trails created by logging operations. Learn about how water bars divert the water’s energy and to correctly design a water bar during in this video workshop.
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Featuring Howard Woodard, SDSU Soils Professor

Much can be learned by studying established forest roads. Compacted soil will support weight even during wet times of year, but if this compaction is left behind after a harvest, the compacted soil can create future problems.
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