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Adults over 65 are vital members of the community, as employers, employees, and as consumers. As average ages of America’s workforce and consumers continue to rise, businesses will have to conscious of and respond to the demographic changes to remain viable. For example, most people will experience age related vision decline in their forties and half of South Dakotans are expected to be age 40 or older. This suggests a website designed with the needs of people with low vision in mind will be good for business. SDSU Extension has compiled some resources to help business owners in South Dakota respond to population aging.

BMW, CVS, and Tesco are conscious of the demographic shift that is occurring all over the world and are taking steps to respond. Below you can learn more about their efforts:

Resources for Employers:

Things to consider for older customers:

The customer will also need to be considered as businesses prepare for population aging. Failure to account for an aging population could potentially mean a 5th of the population cannot access your goods or services. For example, can a person with arthritis use your product? Can a person with visual and mobility limitations use your web site to order goods? Are the aisles in your store wide enough to accommodate a wheel chair? The following resources provide information to help design goods and services that are friendlier to clients with disabilities.

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