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What is presbyopia?

As we enter our 40s we are likely to notice a change in our vision. Changes in our vision may make it more difficult for our eyes to focus. These changes are called presbyopia. As a result, reading and other small, detail-oriented tasks are more difficult (e.g. sewing). What is more, after age 40 people are at greater risk of developing diseased based forms of low vision (macular degeneration, glaucoma, etc.) or cataracts.

By the year 2035, it is estimated that 45% of the population in South Dakota will be 45 or older. One in six people age 45 or older report some difficulty seeing, even when wearing glasses or contact lens. This suggests that many people our businesses and organizations would like to interact with may have some sort of visual impairment.

What can we do about it?

So what can we do about it? Develop materials that are friendlier to people with low vision. SDSU Extension is here to help. We have developed a series of infographics as a guide for businesses and organizations across the state. The infographic below, Text Matters, is the second in the series.

The first article in this series, Does Color Impact Readability?, is available on iGrow.

Text Matters Infographic


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