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Western South Dakota experienced one of the most devastating storms on record last month. It is important to remember those who are homebound, especially during emergency situations.

Unfortunately, when an emergency is ongoing it is too late to plan for the needs of adults who are disabled. To ensure these individuals weather the storm, planning ahead is key. Below is a list of tips to ensure your loved one is safe during emergencies:

  • Have a local contact in the neighborhood that is willing to check in on your loved one during emergencies.
  • Have an evacuation bag ready to go that includes clothing, financial and medical paperwork, as well as any required medications.
  • Check emergency evacuation bag quarterly or each time a new medication is prescribed.
  • Have emergency food and water available (preferable on the main floor).
  • A generator should be available if a medical condition requires electricity to treat (e.g. oxygen).
  • Emergency heat should be available during winter months.
  • Standard emergency supplies (candles, matches, first aid kit, etc.) should be located in a central location in the main living area of the home.
  • Go over emergency routine regularly to evaluate if needs or changes in abilities.

Planning ahead is key to ensure your safety and the safety of loved ones.

Additional Resources:

For more information, contact Leacey E. Brown at the Rapid City Regional Extension Center at 605.394.1722

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