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Written by Carrie Johnson (former SDSU Extension Family Resource Management Specialist).

Games and activities can be a great way to learn financial literacy for youth. Play can be a very powerful teaching tool. This page offers resources for youth to learn about how to manage money using online games.


  • Money Metropolis: Allows kids ages 7–12 to navigate a multi-dimensional world, making life decisions that will affect whether their virtual bank account shrinks or grows. (Visa Practical Money Skills)
  • Financial Football: A fast-paced, National Football League-themed video game developed by Visa. The interactive financial literacy game is available online and as a free app for iPhones and iPads on iTunes in both English and Spanish. (VISA Practical Money Skills)
  • Financial Soccer: Is a free multilingual video game developed by VISA and FIFA, which helps provide children and young adults with the knowledge and tools they'll need to maintain sound financial habits over a lifetime. The game has been localized in 10 languages and has rolled out in over 30 countries. (VISA Practical Money Skills)
  • Mad Money: Play to see if you can afford to buy all the things you really want and need. (PBS Kids)
  • Ed’s Bank: This game is a lighthearted way of teaching younger audiences about saving and differing money values. (VISA Practical Money Skills)
  • Show Me the Future: Is a game designed for teens to make choices in the “real” world. The game helps players understand a) cost of living; b) budgeting; c) the difference between wants and needs; d) the importance of financial planning; e) the need to set career goals; and f)the value of higher education. (Mapping Your Future)

Websites & More Games

  • Biz Kids: Find all kinds of resources to help you rock the world of money and finance, including calculators, budgets, business plans, comics, and more.
  • Consumer Jungle: Is consumer advice specially designed for teens, Includes sections about CD clubs and calling cards. It is a youth-oriented website designed to provide young adults with financial resources. (Family Economics & Financial Education FEFE)
  • It All Adds Up: A site for teens who want to get a head start on their financial future. Use online games and simulation to learn about credit, budgeting, saving and investing.  (Council for Economic Education)
  • Is a safe place for kids and teens to learn lessons in spending and saving. Play games and watch videos along with other resources on what to do with your money.
  • It’s My Life: Activities, games, advice and blogs for the things or problems you deal with each day. Learn how to spend your money smart.  (PBS Kids)
  • The Mint-It Makes Perfect ¢ents: Kids can explore and have fun with games and activities to learn more about money. Tweens will learn tips and tools for money management. 
  • Treasury Direct Kids: Games and videos to teach money skills and explain the U.S. debt.
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