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Written by Carrie Johnson (former SDSU Extension Family Resource Management Specialist).

The holiday shopping season is over. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get some good deals on items you may need (or even want). The New Year usually means new products. This can be a good thing for consumers when retailors start bringing in the new and trying to sell the old.

Holiday Items

After you put away your holiday decorations, the last thing on your mind is to go out and buy more. However, most stores will drastically mark down these items. You can find Christmas trees, decorations, lawn inflatables, stockings, lights, etc. discounted up to 70%. If you have the storage space, it’s a good time to stock up.


Do you need a new television? Do you just want a bigger/better television? Now is the time to buy those in the 40” to 55” range. Retailers also continue to discount digital cameras, audio equipment, video games, and tax filing software.

New technologies are also driving down the cost. Wearable sales have exploded in recent months. A good example is the Apple Watch, the prices were deeply discounted over the holiday shopping season and with a new model probably being introduced in March the cost will probably continue to decline.

Fitness Equipment

One of the most common New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight and get healthy. This fact is widely known and many stores will discount fitness and sporting goods. It’s also a good time to obtain a gym membership. This time of year most gyms will lower or even eliminate sign-up fees, and they may also offer you the first month free if you’re willing to pay for an entire year up front.


With spring fashions coming out, winter wear is on sale. A lot of clothing will be deeply discounted this time of year, especially if you are looking for outerwear (coats, boots, gloves, hats). This is usually the time of year I buy new winter coats for my kids. It’s almost like getting one or two free. Just last week, my son’s zipper broke on his coat and I was able to buy him a new one for a very good price (I am not a sewer so it’s just easier to buy a new coat than try to find someone to fix the zipper). It is also a good time to buy holiday apparel. When you have three girls that need to have a pretty dress for holiday concerts and you can get 50% off, it’s a good time to buy them.


You may know that buying last year’s model of car or electronic drives down the price, but did you know that the same is true for furniture. New furniture models are usually released in February and August, so many stores will try to reduce what’s on hand to make room for the new models. February is also a good time to buy a new mattress, many furniture stores will have a President’s Day sale.

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