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Written by Carrie Johnson (former SDSU Extension Family Resource Management Specialist).

Teaching youth financial literacy is more important than ever. The spending power of children increases more every year. Research shows that money habits are determined by the end of the 5th grade.

Workshops Offered by SDSU Extension

Captain Cash is a youth financial literacy program developed by Purdue Extension targeted to 3rd – 5th grade students. The program is designed to guide students as they learn about real life money management. Captain Cash consists of four 45-60 minute lessons:

  • The more you learn, the more you earn.
  • Every payday save some cash away.
  • There is an end to what you can spend.
  • For a happy tomorrow, be wise when you borrow.


Money as You Grow, developed by the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability, provides 20 essential, age-appropriate financial lessons—with corresponding activities—that kids need to know as they grow. Use the button below to download milestones created by the council.


  • Reading Makes Cent$: developed by National 4-H, is a collection of 53 activities designed around children’s literature that explore ideas, activities, and strategies that help children learn how to earn, save, share, and spend money.
  • Money Savvy Kids™ is a set of curriculum that helps students develop good personal financial skills. The 5-level curriculum has a spiral construct that continually reinforces and builds on previously introduced concepts.

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