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Are you like me and doing some winter cleaning of your closets and decluttering? If you have things you are unsure what to do with and don’t want to just throw them away, think about contacting daycares, preschools, or churches to see if they could use some of the items for their play areas or to make toys/projects for their kids.

Creative Donation Ideas

So what are some things that you might have that would help build creativity in toddlers and preschoolers?

  • Old t-shirts make great paint shirts for art areas to build creativity.
  • Hats and scarves make great dress up items for imaginative play.
  • Mismatched or socks with small holes make great sock puppets to help teach social interaction.
  • Fabric pieces/leftovers can be used to make art projects or an easy blanket for dolls.
  • Travel brochures and maps are great to put in play areas and also reading areas for children to explore new opportunities.
  • Egg cartons can be used to make fun interactive games.
  • Tissue paper, buttons, cotton balls, clothespin and the list is endless can all be used for art and game development.

Creative play is very important for all ages and especially in toddlers and preschool ages (2-5) as they are beginning to learn social and emotional skills along with building their imaginations. If you are a parent or childcare provider and would like more ideas on how to create easy and inexpensive projects from household items, contact me for more fun ideas.

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