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This article was written by Sharon Guthmiller, former SDSU Extension Food Safety Field Specialist.

South Dakota is not exempt from food borne illness outbreaks. According to statistics from the South Dakota Public Health: Foodborne illness, or food poisoning, is an ever-present threat to South Dakotan’s public health. The Centers for Disease Control estimates each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans gets sick with a foodborne illness. In South Dakota this extrapolates to 136,000 South Dakotans becoming ill. The foodborne and diarrheal diseases have generally increased in South Dakota over the past decade.

The need for food safety education for all individuals to reduce risks of food borne illness continues to grow. In an effort to be proactive and provide training to meet these needs, SDSU Extension has developed the FoodSafe self-study guide. This guide addresses basic, critical safe food handling practices to people working in settings where food is prepared and served to large groups. Finding time to train food handlers is very difficult when running a foodservice establishment such as a restaurant, temporary food stand, churches, community events, or an institutional foodservice (hospitals, assisted livings, schools, daycare and prisons). A series of one-page fact sheets include a quiz to assist the food handler in assessing their understanding of safe food handling practices make up the self-study guide. For more information or to provide feedback to the authors regarding this program, contact Sharon Guthmiller, Extension Food Safety Field Specialist.


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