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Written by Lavonne Meyer (former SDSU Extension Food Safety Field Specialist).

Food-borne illnesses know no boundaries. They will attack all ages, from infants to seniors. Safe handling of food is critical from the farm to the table to reduce the risk of food borne illness. Use food preparation skills that will protect your family from illness or even death.        


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Each season presents food-safety risks. During the summer months, we take our cooking and serving outdoors, often in very warm temperatures. Lack of access to clean running water, refrigeration, and in many instances, electricity contributes to the increased risk of unsafe food handling. The holidays and special events bring the challenge of entertaining and serving for a group, preparing foods that one is not familiar with, and keeping hot food hot and cold food cold. Enjoy the season, and don't invite unwanted guests such as Listeria salmonella to your special outing or party.

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