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This article was written collaboratively by Heidi Carroll and Keith Underwood.

Farmers are entrusted with the care of the animals that produce our food before it gets to our plates. Whether food is purchased in a grocery store, a farmers market, or directly from a farmer, the animals that produce the food have been provided the best possible care and handling throughout their lives to ensure the food supply is safe. The select iGrow articles will be added to as relevant topics are written discussing on-farm management practices that impact the safety of the food supply. At the bottom of this article you can find links to the iGrow Livestock Communities that provide additional information about the care of animals on farms and resources covering management practices and marketing of livestock.

Select iGrow articles:

  • Sustainable Beef: A ‘Global’ Discussion and You: This article introduces the discussion about producing sustainable beef and provided questions to initiate a preliminary self-evaluation of livestock operations.
  • Everything Happens Through People: This article provides information about the effects of human-animal interactions and discussions the responsibilities of each person involved in the food supply from farm to plate.
  • The Tyson FarmCheck: This article introduces one of the packer-specific on-farm audit programs for animal welfare and handling that verifies the care that animals receive on the farm.
  • Maintaining Positive Impacts on Beef Quality: This article briefly describes the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certification program, the Beef Checkoff-funded program that teaches best management practices on the farm that promote safe, wholesome meat products for the food supply.
  • Cattle Bedding and Food Safety: This article describes how providing and managing bedding for livestock is a simple way to increase the comfort and well-being of the animals and keep them cleaner to ensure a safe meat product enters the food supply.
  • Antibiotic Use for Safe Food Production: This article introduces the various uses of antibiotics within food animal production and briefly explains the regulations in place to ensure safe food products for the public.
  • Using Feed-Grade Antibiotics for Livestock: Changes are Coming: This article introduces the Food and Drug Administration’s updates for the uses of antibiotics within food animal production addressing the growing concern about antibiotic resistance bacteria.

iGrow Livestock Communities

  • Beef: To learn more about husbandry practices and care provided to beef cattle, please visit the Beef community. For information about the safety and wholesomeness of the food supply, or tips on preparing meat, please visit the My Beef: Farm to Table tab.
  • Dairy: To learn more about husbandry practices and care provided to dairy cattle, please visit the Dairy community.
  • Pork: To learn more about husbandry practices and care provided to pigs, please visit the Pork community.
  • Sheep: To learn more about husbandry practices and care provided to sheep, please visit the Sheep community.
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