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The SDSU Extension Food Safety Specialist works closely with food entrepreneurs across the state to assist them in addressing safety, regulatory and other types of product development needs. Since 2002, this position has been very successfully occupied by Dr. Joan Hegerfeld-Baker who has decided to retire as of March 21, 2016. Food entrepreneurs have several options to connect with resources within South Dakota, as well as other states, while this position is being filled.

SDSU Extension Ongoing Education & Services

SDSU Extension’s iGrow website serves as a very comprehensive resource for food entrepreneurs. Please refer to the following iGrow webpages:

Farmers Market Resource Guidebook:
Development, Operation, Promotion, Safety and Regulations

This is a very comprehensive resource, which deals with food marketing topics for South Dakota growers and food entrepreneurs. This book addresses many needs of food entrepreneurs that extend beyond the farmers market. The resource guidbook be accessed online or purchased from the iGrow Store, or by calling 605.688.4792.

SD Government Agencies Serving Food Entrepreneurs

Sioux Falls Department of Health, Public Health

If operating within the jurisdiction of Native American Lands contact the official Tribal Office. A link to all Sioux Tribes in South Dakota is located at the Travel South Dakota website.

Kansas Value Added Foods Lab

Dr. Fadi Aramouni, director of the Kansas Value-Added Foods Laboratory, has visited with Dr. Joan Hegerfeld-Baker and is very willing to assist SD Food Processors with testing and educational needs while the SDSU Extension Food Safety Specialist position is being filled.

Kansas State University provides product testing as well as other services to assist food processors in moving their product from its origin to commercialization. Testing and services offered by K-State through their Kansas Value Added Foods Lab include some of the following:

  • Process Authority services: As defined by the Institute of Thermal Processing Specialists “a processing authority is a person who has expert knowledge of thermal processing requirements for low-acid foods packaged in hermetically-sealed containers or has expert knowledge in the acidification and processing of acidified foods...”
  • Nutrition Facts Panel Generation and Ingredients Listing
  • Chemical and Physical Testing: pH (acidity), Brix (percent solids), Aw (water activity), Color analysis, Microbiological testing, Accelerated shelf-life testing
  • Regulatory Compliance: Label review, Nutritional analysis, FSMA Assistance
  • Sourcing of ingredients and packaging materials
  • Educational opportunities for food processors such as: Short courses, One-on-one Consultation, GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) training, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

For more information about the laboratory at K-State, visit the Kansas Value Added Foods Lab website. This website provides details regarding the services offered as well as a fee schedule for out of state residents. For additional questions contact their lab via email or phone 785.532.1668. Do not send products without contacting their lab first. It is critical you discuss the testing and services you need before sending to Kansas.

More Information

Contact Suzanne Stluka, SDSU Extension Food & Families Program Director, for additional inquiries.

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