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Written by Kiersten Koehler under the direction and review of Nikki Prosch.

Current guidelines recommend that adults engage in 150 minutes of moderate aerobic physical activity, OR 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic physical activity, OR an equivalent combination of moderate and vigorous physical activity each week. To reach this 150 minutes each week, activity can be broken down into 10+ minute bouts of activity, for example, you can do 30-minute bouts of activity, five days a week to meet the recommendation.

8 Quick Ideas!

With 1,440 minutes in a day, why not put your body to work for just 30 minutes? For those who say their barriers to being physically active are not having enough time in the day, job duties or taking care of their children, here are 8 quick ideas to add a little more activity to your week:

  1. Take a quick walk on breaks at work, while kids are napping or while you are talking on the phone! Try using stairs or natural inclines to increase the intensity of the walk.
  2. Park in the back or furthest spot from your destination when arriving to work, the grocery store, post office, etc.
  3. Find online videos or handouts for new exercises or workouts to try. There are lots of options for Zumba, yoga or strength training free of charge. Check out some Strength Training Videos, Go4Life demonstrations or a few videos to for getting Active in the Workplace.
  4. While cooking, do squats, calf raises, wall push-ups or lunges during any down time or cooking time. Invite your kids to join in on the fun too!
  5. Clean! Vacuuming, washing windows, sweeping, and scrubbing floors can get your whole body moving.
  6. When spending time with friends or family, choose activities that get you moving. Try some dancing, hiking, biking, swimming, shooting hoops, walking the block or playing tennis.
  7. Live near your job or local destinations? Choose to walk or bike instead of driving.
  8. If your full-time job is at a desk, take walks on your breaks, stand up at your desk, or get desk-exercising equipment such as a desk peddler or small hand weights.

Additional Tips

Here are a few additional tips to help keep you motivated and on track for living a physically active lifestyle:

  • Schedule your workout in your daily planner or set up reminders on your phone. This way, you won’t forget and it will be like any other scheduled appointment!
  • Invest in an activity tracking device to monitor your movement each day.
  • Find a workout buddy or make physical activity a family affair!
  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and consume a well-balanced, healthy diet.
  • Choose activities you enjoy and make it fun!

Reference: 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

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