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Recognizing Symptoms of Stress During Farming Challenges

Stress can impact all aspects of a farmer’s life. Symptoms of stress can differ from person to person. It is important to recognize when you are feeling stressed before the stress becomes chronic.

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Farm Stress: A Five-Step Approach to Alleviating Stress

Farm stressors can come from many directions including the agricultural system, farm and family finances, mental and physical health challenges, and relationship difficulties. A healthy response to these challenges involves paying attention to the stressors within all of these areas and determining coping strategies that are useful in each area.

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June Dairy Month: Unleash the Power of Dairy Nutrition

June is Dairy Month which means there’s no better time to celebrate dairy farmers and the delicious dairy products they bring from the farm to your refrigerator. Thanks to their hard work, you’re able to unleash the power of dairy nutrition. If you’re trying to boost the nutrition of your meals and snacks, look no further than your refrigerator. Dairy products provide a powerful nutrition package that can help you meet your nutrient needs and achieve better health. So, whether you are trying to reduce disease risk, age well or fuel an active lifestyle, you can count on the power of dairy products to maximize nutrition.

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Sit Less and Move More

The recommended amount of physical activity for adults is 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week or 75 minutes of high-intensity physical activity per week. But what should a person do for the other 6,720 waking minutes of the week? Unfortunately, many people spend those minutes in sedentary behavior. Sedentary behavior is defined as any waking activity with an energy expenditure of less than 1.5 metabolic equivalents in a sitting or reclining posture1. In other words, sedentary behavior is time that is spent sitting or lying down.

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Water: A Better Beverage

Water is a vital nutrient for the body and staying hydrated plays an important part in staying healthy. Our bodies need water to help with digestion, provide moisture to skin and other tissues, remove toxins from the body, regulate blood circulation and body temperatures, and to transport nutrients and oxygen to the cells throughout the body. Water is a preferred beverage choice because it contains no calories, fat, or cholesterol; it’s also generally inexpensive.

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Got Your Dairy Today?

Dairy group foods are important throughout our lifespan. Children, teens and adults need their daily calcium; children are building strong bones, teens are growing rapidly and adults need to keep their bones strong. Foods in the dairy group provide many nutrients that are beneficial to the body – especially improved bone health. Calcium is a key nutrient found in dairy group foods.

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