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Written by Whitney Jerman under the direction and review of Ann Schwader.

It’s the new year, which means many of us are striving toward New Year’s resolutions. However, that often means seeking “the next best thing” which might be a new product or fad diet. Unfortunately, consumers are often willing to shell out money for the latest and greatest secret. These new fad diets and products are often impractical and in general, might not be very good for us.

Dairy: Clean & clear nutrition

My advice is to skip the total diet overhaul or latest fad, and keep it simple in 2017 by focusing on small but powerful changes that can help you clean up your diet. “Clean” is a trendy word that has many different definitions but usually involves a product with fewer ingredients. With just three ingredients, milk is the original clean and clear food, unlike trendy milk alternatives, which may contain up to ten ingredients.

As a registered dietitian, one of my favorite things about dairy is that it can easily be incorporated into meals and snacks to help make healthy and clean eating simple. In addition to calcium, milk, cheese and yogurt actually provide nine essential nutrients, including protein to support muscle health. Getting the recommended three servings of dairy every day is easy, once you discover the possibilities.

2017 Dairy Diet Tips

See my tips below for using dairy to clean up your diet in 2017:

  • Make milk – white or flavored - your mealtime beverage. All milk contains nine essential nutrients; think of it as nutrition in disguise!
  • Solve breakfast boredom. Build a breakfast parfait with your favorite yogurt, fruit and whole grain cereal. Or, mix things up with milk or yogurt by blending a smoothie. Try our Easy to Please Yogurt Parfait.
  • Sneak in healthier eating by pairing cheese with fresh fruit or vegetables. Research shows when cheese is coupled with these foods, it helps kids eat more of all of them.
  • No need to reach for a fancy sports drink after a workout. Instead, recover with a tall glass of chocolate milk; it’s been proven to be more effective in aiding tired muscles.
  • Boost nutrition and flavor by adding shredded cheese to casseroles, soups and pasta dishes, or sprinkle on top of tacos and chili. Try our Cheesy Broccoli Potato Soup.

For recipes and information on dairy’s undercover nutrition, visit MidwestDairy.com.

Photo courtesy of the Midwest Dairy Association.

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