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“Do you have an app for that?” is a valid question to ask now days due to the fact that there are so many different apps (i.e. mobile applications) out there created to help make our lives easier. According to a report, more than 8,700 medical-related apps have been developed and around 9% of mobile users have apps to help them track their conditions or manage their health.

I have apps on my smartphone that help me organize my grocery list and keep track of how much water I drink throughout the day. If you browse through your phone’s app store you will likely find all sorts of apps to help you sleep better, quit smoking, relieve stress, manage medical conditions and much more. The My Action Planner app is an example of a health-related app. It was designed to help its users create and keep track of their action plans. Making action plans, or goals, can help you make changes you want to make and live a healthier and happier life. The app was designed by Stanford University and is based on the action planning activity used in chronic disease self-management programs, like the Better Choices, Better Health® program in South Dakota. Making an action plan helps you to achieve a specific goal by listing what steps are needed in order to achieve that goal. Goal setting is particularly important for those who are trying to effectively manage a chronic health condition.

Successful action planning makes it easier for you to achieve the things you set out to accomplish. To help you accomplish your action plans, it best to make them:

  1. Something YOU want to do, or decide to do
  2. Achievable
  3. Action-specific
  4. Answer the questions:
    • What?
    • How much?
    • When?
    • How often?

If you are wondering how to get started creating your own action plans, then you will find the My Action Planner app useful and easy to use. The My Action Planner app is like a personal mobile coach. The app helps you keep track of the progress you have made with your goals over time. Each week, simply describe your plan and update your daily progress. At the end of the week, self-evaluate your progress. The My Action Planner app gathers your information to provide you with a graphic report showing the progress you’ve made. With this app, you have control of your personal action plan, so what you do and how you do it is up to you. 

More Information

For more information, visit Stanford University’s page with a list of frequently asked questions about the My Planner App. The app is $0.99 to download; you can do so by searching for “My Action Planner” in your smartphone’s app store. 

To register for South Dakota’s chronic disease self-management program, Better Choices, Better Health®, call Megan Olesen at 1.888.484.3800 or register online.

If you have a favorite medical-related app, we invite you to share it in the comments.

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