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Football may come to mind when you hear the phrase “its game time” but it can also relate to eating over the holidays. Many people may not realize that they will need their own game plan when it comes to eating. Food temptations are ever-present during the holidays which makes it hard to eat healthy and make wise food choices. However, you do not need to give up your favorite dishes to maintain your weight. By following these tips during the holidays, you can enjoy both the food and your family without worrying about your health. Game on!

Stay Healthy During the Holidays

  • Remember the basics.
    Make half your plate fruits and veggies. Include lean proteins, whole grains and reduced-fat or low-fat dairy in your meals.
  • Bring a dish to share.
    This way you will have something healthy to eat. Go simple and offer to bring bowl of fruit or a veggie tray. Find some other healthy options that everyone loves.
  • Avoid arriving hungry.
    Be sure to eat something before you go and avoid skipping meals. This will help prevent overeating. The point is to not go hungry.
  • Eat what you love.
    Stick with foods you enjoy most and don’t select foods that aren’t your favorite just because they are there.
  • Enjoy the company.
    Take time for conversation and company. Eating slowing will allow your brain time to register that you are filling up and aren’t hungry anymore.
  • Protein and veggies first.
    This is a great way to help reduce your appetite and prevent overeating of the other high calorie foods.
  • Liquid calories add up fast.
    The beverage you choose with your meal can add greatly onto the calories you are consuming. Alcoholic beverages contribute empty calories and can cause you to make poor judgments with food.
  • Keep moving.
    Add some physical activity each day to stay fit and healthy. Find some more tips on how to keep moving this holiday season.
  • Enjoy.
    Savor the flavor. You can enjoy all your holiday treats in moderation. Don’t feel guilty when eating your special treat.

Everyone’s “game plan” will different and tailored to them. Hopefully, it will help you navigate your way through the holiday feasts and end with a win!


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