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Written by Whitney Jerman under the direction and review of Ann Schwader.

June is Dairy Month—a great time to celebrate dairy farmers who work 365 days a year to ensure nutritious milk and dairy foods are available now and in the future.

June Events: Learn where dairy products come from

Consumers are becoming more and more interested in finding out where their food comes from—and what better way to learn than to actually visit a farm? Midwest Dairy Council has a variety June Dairy Month Events near you.

Did you know that milk takes about 48 hours to travel from the farm to the grocery store? When you buy milk, you’re not only making a wise investment in your family’s health; you’re also shopping locally. Watch Milk's Journey: 48 Hours in 48 Seconds to see the journey your milk makes in 48 hours.

Making safe, nutritious dairy choices

There are countless choices in the dairy case, but with claims such as organic and antibiotic-free, how do you know what to choose? Good news — all milk, as long as it is pasteurized, is wholesome, safe, nutritious and dairy fresh. That’s because all dairy farmers, regardless of their farms’ size or ownership, follow strict regulations and best practices in cow milk production for the health of their families, their cows, their neighbors and you. You can see milk’s safety journey for yourself. Watch Dairy Farming FAQ - Critical Steps to Quality Milk to join Dr. Lloyd Metzger, a professor from South Dakota State University, as he walks through the rigorous steps farmers and dairy processors take in cow milk production to keep bacteria, antibiotics and other potential contaminants out of the milk supply.

Dairy Month Recipes

Join me in celebrating June Dairy Month with a few of my favorite “dairy good” recipes, perfect for summer time!

Find additional dairy information, nutrition tips and recipes at Midwest Dairy Association.

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