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Every June, people across the nation celebrate Father’s Day to recognize all fathers or father-like figures that have influenced their life. Father’s Day may come with many memories or annual celebration activities. This is a great time to celebrate and encourage a healthy lifestyle for men. Interestingly, June is also celebrated as Men’s Health Month.

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, you may have begun to brainstorm gift ideas or thoughts of how to spend the day with the special man in your life. Although going out and buying his favorite candy bar or sweet indulgence may be your first thought, consider purchasing a healthier alternative. Another option might be to go out and do some physical activity together. Below you will find some healthy ideas to help plan your special day:

Healthy Lifestyle Gift Ideas

  • Gift card to local golf course or hunting lodge
  • Gift card to local sporting goods store
  • A new fitness gadget
  • Bike helmet, water bottle, fishing pole or ear phones
  • Water shoes, golf shoes or running shoes
  • Small gift basket full of his favorite nuts and peanuts
  • Fruit basket
  • Herb growing kit
  • Grilling supplies or seasonings
  • Subscription to a health-conscious magazine

Activity Ideas

  • Go fishing, hiking, golfing, canoeing or biking together
  • Do a woodworking or home improvement project together
  • Play a recreational sport, like tennis, ping pong or shoot basketball hoops
  • Run or walk a local 5K event
  • Tour a local business, museum or nature park
  • Make a fun scavenger hunt to reveal small gift items
  • Try something new, like badminton, handball, racquetball or rollerblading
  • Go for a family walk or bike ride
  • Grill his favorite healthy meal together

Overall, the true meaning behind celebrating Father’s Day is expressing your thanks and appreciation for everything the special man in your life does. So whether you decide to celebrate Father’s Day with a gift or a special activity, remember to thank the father or father-like figure in your life for all that he has done.

Dessert Idea: Chocolate Angel Food Cake

Want to make a healthy and delicious dessert for Father’s Day? Check out Penn State Extension’s Chocolate Angel Food Cake recipe.

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