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Inactivity Health Risks

Inactivity throughout the day increases your risk of cancers, disease, and mortality, even if you are meeting the physical activity guidelines. This makes moving throughout the day an important step for your health. Involving family, friends, or coworkers in your physical activity routine proves to be an effective method of accountability,1, 2 so add in some fun to your day with one of the fun activities below!

Tips for Moving More

  • Create your own activity dice.
    You can make dice that focus specifically on upper body, lower body, or free weight exercises! Dice templates can be found online to print. Use a pre-made dice template appropriate for children.
  • Get active with Bingo.
    Make game cards for your family, friends, or coworkers to see who can get a black out first. Customize your own bingo cards.
  • Participate in a walking challenge.
    If you wear a tracking device like a FitBit, connect with those around you and partake in challenges.
  • Join a walking group.
    Reach out to neighbors, coworkers, or start a walking group of your own!
  • Walking meetings.
    Suggest turning regular meetings into walking meetings at work.
  • Physical activity breaks.
    Incorporate physical activity breaks at work. Set a time of day for a physical activity break at the office! Set up a 5 minute, sweat free routine, use physical activity dice (mentioned above), or find a video online.
  • Don’t just watch the kids play.
    Play with the kids! When your children are outside, don’t just supervise them, join them in their imaginations, in the pool, or create a game of your own.

When you make being active fun, it is easier to accomplish!


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