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For the 4th quarter of 2014 (July, August, September), Food & Families Extension staff members have utilized the following categories to gain feedback regarding current programs and future initiatives for the development of new programs.

Informal Conversation Feedback

Informal Conversation feedback was secured during program delivery, statewide meetings and a questionnaire.

  • Feedback was given in regards to students becoming used to the new guidelines for school foods and about the smaller cost of purchasing pre-packages fruits and vegetables in schools compared to employing individuals to prepare the fruits and vegetables.
  • Feedback was given regarding the interest in the work SDSU Extension is doing across South Dakota; idea sharing on ways to prioritize health and wellness with producers and agricultural professionals, and the need for a language change in the way we describe individuals over the age of 65.
  • Feedback collected via a questionnaire indicated that additional research needs to occur in the form of focus groups and one-on-one interviews in the area of Ag-Tourism and Value-added Agriculture in South Dakota. The feedback has been taken into account for future presentations and programs.

Program Requests

Food and Families staff members are often invited to share updates on their programming efforts and/or promote actual programs.

  • The South Dakota Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (SDAND) requested a presentation on the various food security and nutrition programs that are offered by SDSU Extension Food & Families. The presentation was provided at the SDAND annual conference in Rapid City, SD in September 2014.
  • A presentation was given by Food & Families staff members on the topic of “Healthy Food, Healthy Families, & Healthy Communities” at the Eminent Farmer/Homemaker Event held on the SDSU campus during the month of September 2014.


  • Continued conversations around Inter-Professional Education (IPE) with the Nexus Team from the National IPE Center around the Transdisciplinary Obesity Prevention (TOP) grant program and SDSU Extension.

Non-Profit and Foundation Interaction

The Food & Families Program promotes interactions with both non-profits and foundations. As a result of promoting this interaction:

  • The Western Community Action Program requested that SDSU Extension and the SD Department of Health develop a fact sheet addressing the regulations for food businesses.
  • Interactions were held with the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Health Board staff members to determine ways in which their nutrition and physical activity programs and outreach could align with the efforts underway under the Food & Families “Healthy Foods, Healthy Families, & Healthy Communities” initiatives.
  • Meetings with the Wagner School District and Avera Health to explore future funding opportunities to continue the SDSU Extension Bountiful Backpacks Program in the Wagner Community School District.
  • Asked to serve on the Rural Experiences for Health Professional Students (REHPS) Advisory Panel.

In-State Networks

Participation in in-state networks allows the Food & Families Field and State Specialist to participate in knowledge sharing with our partners. These opportunities allow the Field Specialists to share their knowledge and receive updates on activities other state agencies are engaging in.

  • Food & Families Field Specialists were engaged with sharing knowledge for the SD CCP State Plan Update - discussion on the role of nutrition and physical activity play in cancer prevention. Additionally, ideas were shared on how SDSU Extension can assist with state plan implementation.
  • Operation Military Kids Camp engaged in disability awareness training with 9-11 year olds.
  • Two staff members are engaged in the Chronic Disease State Management Program Steering Committee that is being led by the SD Department of Health.

National Networks

  • Continued conversations with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Native Health team around Food & Families potential partnerships and collaborations with the SNAP-Ed grant.
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